After a morning of frogging ….

Allegheny Dress - First Attempt

…I got outside to do a little yard work. Some hostas needed replanting because we’re getting a stand-by generator and 100-gallon liquid propane tank next week and the poor hostas are right smack in the way. I should have done this weeks ago but never got around to it so I’m hoping that they’ll be ok in their new location. It was at least 70 degrees today — so at least the poor buggers weren’t freezing to death when I pulled them out of their homes.

After my fill of manual labor I lounged with the pups for a bit.

Otis and his majestic nose

Lulu in all of her shiny loveliness

Too close for comfort

Lulu put up with Otis this close for about 30 seconds. Just long enough for one shot! And then… sometimes a girl just needs a little space.

Much better

Anyway, it was a beautiful day in the Hudson Valley. Soon there will be snow on the ground so it could be a while before I can sit in the grass again.