I think I’m in a slump. It’s not that I’m NOT knitting (probably only a major injury could put me into that kind of slump) but everything I’m knitting is turning out like crap or causing me some form of fits. First, I finished the Miette cardigan and although it’s super-cute, it totally did not fulfill it’s destiny as a sweater for the mod dress.

Miette Cardigan in Plucky Cashmere - Princess Phone

Second, I’m 99.9% sure I’m going to run out of yarn for the handspun Smokin‘. So unless there is a bag of roving or an extra skein hiding out somewhere I think I’m going to be !%*&-ed.

Third, I started a pair of Christmas present Nalu mitts and for some reason they yarn looks completely different on the left turning and the right turning sides of the pattern. Not sure if it’s noticeable in the picture but it’s annoying me enough that I’m frogging it. Luckily I only have one started.

Nalu Mitts in Brooks Farm Solo - Green

Allegheny in Pluck Primo Worsted - Barn Door

Last, but definitely not least, is this god-forsaken Allegheny dress which is taking me forever because every other night I have to rip back whatever I did the night before. I have no idea why I’m being a spaz on this pattern — it’s not hard. I’m on my third attempt (twice with different yarn) and probably my fifth major error that’s caused me to rip. This time I did the waist ribbing wrong.

What’s the problem? No idea. Maybe it’s my sub-conscious telling me I shouldn’t put my junk in a knitted dress.

On a positive note, we got our generator installed today. So next time we have a storm I won’t be sitting on the couch having heart palpitations about the power going out and the basement flooding because the sump pumps go off.