Christmas is one week away! Which means I still have a lot to do but it also means I’ve managed to get a lot done. The cookie baking debacles of the past week are behind me and happily, I got out a couple of decent batches. We had our cookie exchange party at work yesterday so I ended up with this lot to share with the fam next week:

The tree is up and decorated …

Although I am thinking that next year we might consider visiting a tree farm that does at least a minimal amount of pruning to their trees — this poor thing is pretty wild — you really can’t be the $25 “cut any tree on the lot” price.  Our local tree farm has served us well over the years but the trees are definitely on the decline. The poor old man who owns the place just can’t keep up with the maintenance anymore. Of course, my kind heartedness will win out again and as long as the man is there sitting in his warm car waiting for customers, I’m sure we’ll still be getting our trees from him.

This weekend the presents will get wrapped and put under the tree (my favorite part), cards will finally get written and sent, and any last minute stocking-stuffer or extra presents will get purchased. I’m not a last-minute person in general but this year I out-did myself and got pretty much everything done super-early. Which means no one will get a picture of present in lieu of an actual gift!

As far as knitting goes, I’m plugging along on my Allegheny dress, and knock on wood, haven’t had any issues as of late. I tried it on last night — I’m just at the widest point of my hips/butt — and it fits PERFECTLY. I added butt increases like I did on my Irish Coffee tunic which works like a charm. Fingers crossed I’ll have this done by Christmas.

I also whipped up these little mitts out of some cashmere scraps.

Cute, right? And look what I got as a Christmas present yesterday.