As of this morning we are officially on our holiday “break” from work. This year, that’s one week plus two days, starting TODAY! (Yippeee, hooray, whoooohooooo, AHAHAAHAHAAA!!!!) The tradition at our house is that all vacations begin with an egg sandwich. Not a fancy one, mind you, just a simple deli-bought egg, cheese and bacon on a roll, with a little hot sauce (and ketchup for SOME people … yuck). Who knows how this started, but it’s an official tradition so here you have it:

Of course, at this time of year, there is no rest for the weary at the beginning of vacation — the Fischers will arrive on Christmas eve so we have a few things to do the next two days. Tomorrow the dogs get their annual “Christmas Bath” — last year we discovered the Foam and Wash car wash has a special dog washing station. Which means no more washing the beasts in the tub and having the bathroom look a cat exploded in there. Or trying to do it outside in the cold with freezing water, another fun project. If I can keep Otis out of the mud for the rest of the winter, then we can get away with two winter baths.

The dogs got their pre-Christmas presents already … a brand new set of tennis balls that they seem to enjoy teasing each other with.

Also on the docket for today, we have to roast a couple pounds of peanuts to make homemade peanut butter (the Vitamix is earning it’s keep), drive to the farm to get fresh eggs …

I'm not kidding -- they're fresh

… half-ass clean the house so it’s presentable because our friend Sue is coming over tonight for our annual pre-Christmas get-together (the official cleaning I’m leaving for the professionals this year. Lazy? Yes. Smart? Definitely.)

…and put up the final decorations — garlands, poinsettias, etc. to make it official: Christmas is two days away!