Thanks to me, we are experiencing a very warm/un-snowy winter so far this year. How am I responsible, you ask? Well, two reasons: 1., I spent $1,100 on snow tires and b., we installed a stand-by generator. I’m not going to say how much that cost, but let’s just say it was a lot more than the snow tires. So, everyone in the Hudson Valley can thank me (or pay me $5 each) for the lack of snow this year.

With that said, winter knitting is still ongoing. During the annual spring/fall clothes switch-eroo, I finally tossed out John’s old crappy looking chenille scarf that he bought back when we still lived in Brooklyn. Just like a man to only own one scarf! So I had planned to knit one for him with his handspun a while back but there really wasn’t enough yarn and it wasn’t knitting up very nicely at that. I had put it on the back burner but last week he reminded me that he was still scarfless and although it hasn’t been that cold, there have been a few chilly mornings where a scarf would be nice. So, what’s a girl to do but go yarn shopping! We looked through a few manly scarf pattern ideas together and then poked around at some yarn options. We decided on this Skeinny Dipping Cashmerino DK:


I met the talented Skeinny Dipping Christine at the knitspot Ravelry gathering last October — we had a nice chat over a glass of wine and lots of chocolate. She gave some of her hand-dyed yarn to Anne Hanson and the colors really caught my eye. Specifically the red, which was called “Crime Scene” (love it!). I had been ogling her yarns since then but hadn’t purchased any until now. I can honestly say that it’s some of the nicest yarn I’ve worked with. The colors are just beautiful and this particular yarn is so soft and squishy.

I had originally planned to make the Cerus scarf for John but after knitting on it for a night I decided it really didn’t show off the yarn. So I ripped it out and started over on the Shifting Sands scarf (can you believe over 1,000 have made this?!?). So far, so good. Loving the pattern and it’s showing off the yarn beautifully. But boy, if you don’t know how to cable without a needle, this is not the pattern for you.