Well, once again, vacation just blew by. Between the Fischer-family visit (including preparations, visiting itself, and clean-up), the one winter house project (removing wall-to-wall carpet in our office room), and heading down to the city for a New Year’s Day party (too old and cranky for New Year’s Eve parties), it all just blew by. Not that I’m complaining — I am lucky enough to work somewhere that I get three weeks off IN A ROW every July and 1-2 weeks off every December. Come on …. that’s pretty darn good!

The first week back at work is always tough, though … just seems like no matter how much work I have to do I can’t get motivated. So today I spent some quality work time doing what I love most — yarn shopping! The Plucky Knitter had an update on her etsty store and as much as I swore I wasn’t going to buy yarn, I caved, of course. She’s now offering the Primo in a sport weight (and looking at my Plucky-specific project page and stash page we can all see how much I enjoy Plucky Primo). I’ve been wanting to make the Coastal Hoodie since it came out but could never decide on the colors. I had started buying up some Madelinetosh 80-10-10 sport but I ended up with two colors that I liked but didn’t love together. So, today I ended up buying these (the numbers correspond to the number of skeins required of the different colors in the pattern):


I borrowed the Plucky photos from the update to come up with the combo — it was the only way to try and find something that worked. I’m not 100% convinced that the top left dark color is a good fit, I wish I had found a darker, more charcoal grey as the other main color. But when it all arrives I can decide and destash/trade if necessary.