Well, it finally happened — our computer bought the farm. It was not an unexpected death, but rather a slow, painful, and occasionally noisy one. We now have a brand new, super-shiny MacBook Pro which is so darn fast, quiet, and purdy but alas, getting our photos and other documents transferred from the old to the new has not been without difficulty. Which is (sort-of) the reason for the span of time between my posts. That, and laziness. Can’t waste an opportunity to blame laziness.

So, since this is a supposed to be first and foremost my knitting blog, I guess I should show some actual knitting. I’ve been hard at work on the Holl pullover, out of Madelinetosh Vintage in Manor, a beautiful blue-ish green with black overtones. I had originally bought the Manor to be used for this sweater/coat but for some reason I have been uninspired to cast-on. So when the Holl caught my eye and I saw someone else on Ravelry make it out of the Vintage (in Manor, nonetheless) I decided to go for it. As usual, about 1/4 into this project, I SWORE I would never do an all-stockinette sweater again. EVER. I think I said the same thing when I did the Abigail (and that was only last summer). Boring is not the word. Painfully boring doesn’t even describe it. Well, now that I think of it, it “pain” actually does describe it because doing countless rows of insufferable stockinette physically causes me pain. My hands hurt, my back hurts, my neck hurts, my forearm hurts….

I had originally titled this post “Trials and Tribulations of Technology” because the trials an tribulations were solely about the computer. But, as (un)luck would have it, the title has been changed to also encompass my knitting progress.

Here’s my Holl so far — I finally finished the body (yay!), I already did the neck finishing so all it needed was  a GOOD blocking, seaming and then the sleeves could be added. I’m planning to pick up the sleeve stitches and knit down versus trying to seam them on later. No thumb-hole either. Every piece of clothing I own with a thumb-hole just pisses me off. Anyhoo, back to the blocking part of the program. I plowed through the last two panels this morning, determined to get it laid out today.



Notice anything funky? Either did I, at first. But once I started pinning, I realized I had knit an entire EXTRA PANEL!!!! Did I knit the panel by the bottom where there were less stitches? No, silly, that would have been too easy. Instead, I knit the EXTRA PANEL!!!!!! by the neck, where there were about eleventy billion stitches on the needles. My always helpful sister-in-law asked if I had grown a hump since the last time we saw each other to disguise the EXTRA PANEL!!!!! but alas, no hump. So, after the &%!/!*0##@ thing has dried, I will rip back and remove the EXTRA PANEL!!!!! and reknit the freakin’ thing. Unless I throw it in the fireplace first.

In the meantime I’ve also been working away on John’s first pair of hand-knit socks. I chose Anne Hanson’s Bricker pattern because  the socks look cozy AND manly. I bought the yarn at Rhinbeck this year so this is officially the first project from that haul to be utilized. I’ve been mostly knitting these during my travels (train and long car rides) which have been few and far between but knitting socks on #1 metal needles does more damage to may hands than rows and rows of worsted stockinette on #7s. Which sadly, I will be knitting again soon enough.

I think it’s time for a distraction. Lace shawl? Cable sweater?