I realize we live in the country. But seriously …

First, we had a bear. A big bear.

The first night, he tore up our one remaining bee hive,  found his way to our house, removed all of the bird feeders and then plopped himself in the driveway for a little breather.

The second night, he came back for more. He sauntered right up to the house to see if we replenished his bird feeders.

This video was taken from inside the house. We may be crazy, but we’re not stupid. The Rottweiler bark about two-thirds in is impressive. But the bear seems quite unimpressed.

And then today, this:

Mr. Fox killing Mr. Squirrel.

Sorry for the craptastic photos but it’s the best I could do with a zoom lens through a window. This was the healthiest, biggest fox I’ve ever seen in our yard and perhaps the largest squirrel as well.

OK, so what next?