I was on a mission to get a couple of projects off the needles so I could do my first “official” test-knit for my friend, Anne Hanson. I feel very honored to be picked for this job! But who am I kidding … she doesn’t really need me. By the time I’m done with my sweater, she’ll not only have the pattern published but have 30 people knitting it already! Seriously, that pesky job thing really gets in the way of my unpaid knitting time. Sheesh.

Here’s my progress so far on the Sticks & Stones sweater. It’s actually going along pretty fast considering it’s a sport-weight yarn (Sporty Kashmir from The Woolen Rabbit in Figgy Pudding, to be exact). Since it’s going to be a sweater for John he was allowed to pick his own color. He’s lucky this already had an assigned project attached to it or I would have hijacked it for myself. It’s gorgeous.

Sticks & Stones

We are enjoying our version of “spring break”, which means we get a three-day weekend. But I’ll take it! Yesterday we ran errands, which included a trip to the mall (we are shopping for a new stove but that’s a tale of woe for another day and I wanted to buy some summer clothes for my nephew’s upcoming 2-year birthday). The mall is gross, and any requisite trip to said mall makes me think we live on another planet.

And on that note, I’m off to knit.