How is it that I spend every weekend in chore-ville? Between cleaning, laundry, shopping (groceries, farmer’s market, Target for house stuff, etc., etc.), gardening, and whatever else lands in the way I really must find a way to get an extra day into the week. Anyone have any bright ideas?


First Garden Harvest

The vegetable garden is all planted and has started producing results. So far we’re getting garlic scapes, tons and tons of mint (I dry it for mint tea), and my faves, radishes. The farmer’s market is supplementing with everything else that we don’t plant (or isn’t ready yet). Lettuce, kale, berries, cabbage, etc. This is my favorite time of year in the Hudson Valley. The weather is perfect on more days than not, allowing for top-down driving and open windows at night. Pretty soon the heat and humidity will become unbearable and we’ll be locked up inside with the ACs blasting. Yuck.

Since I had a banner weekend last weekend and got three projects off my needles I was happy  to finally start my Coastal Hoodie out of Plucky Primo Sport. It’s a four-color striped hoodie that will be light enough for a spring/fall cover-up. The pattern calls for reverse stockinette stitch:

I generally think this just looks like I’m wearing my sweater inside-out but I was willing to give it a try. Alas, I really, really, REALLY don’t like it this way, and much prefer it the “wrong” way (or the right way to me).

I just split for the sleeves so now I’m making steady progress. Those few rows right before the sleeves really get to be a slog — especially with sport weight. I think I had about 350 stitches going toward the end. Keeping fingers crossed that I’ll have enough yarn.