The first day of the annual three-week summer break is here. After counting down the weeks, then the days, and then lastly, the hours, it’s officially here. So, first thing’s first. The egg sandwich.


Then we make the list — aside from the week in Maine, we have to fill the other two weeks with activities that actually get us off the couch. So far, the list looks like this:

Chores – clean the garage, basement, and gutters; wash the windows (including storms and screens); recover the patio chairs. Oh, and I’m taking the GMAT on Tuesday. So, some studying is in order until then.

John reminded me that perhaps we could add a fun thing or two to the list, so …

Fun Things: Storm King Art Center (we’ve never been), Zipline (Whhheeeeeeeee!!!!!!!), and some restaurant/bar outings (Stockade Tavern in Kingston, The Roundhouse at Beacon Falls in Beacon, maybe with a DIA:Beacon stop, and if I’m lucky, another trip to the Gunk Haus* (mmmmmmm, bratwurst).

It’s funny though how the first night and then first few day of vacation don’t really feel like vacation. I’m still in “let’s get stuff done” mode. Which should be fully out of my system by Tuesday.

So, let’s talk knitting.  I’m making good progress on my Coastal Hoodie. But boy, there’s a lot to this sweater — pockets/pocket linings, hood, button band, and tons of ends to sew in. I managed to carry some of the colors where the stripes are closer together  but some needed to be cut. It didn’t look as dreadful on the body since they were cut on different sides, but now on the sleeves — yikes — it’s going to be a lot work. It’s fitting well and I think it’ll be a keeper though so hopefully it’ll be worth it.

I also have my twelve colors for the Plucky blanket I have on the horizon. I want to start knitting this immediately but know I’ll regret that once it gets past the first few colors — blankets in the summertime, not such a great idea.


* I just need to add a footnote rant to the Gunk Haus reference. I love this place. I’ve only been twice, but it’s just the kind of local, good-food and beer joint that makes me happy. Plus it’s German. Like me. They have an amazing outdoor space, awesome beer on tap and BRATWURST, people. Bratwurst made by one of the Chefs at the CIA so it’s good bratwurst. Anyway, we went there for dinner last night and sat next to a young-ish couple (late 20’s, early 30’s maybe) and I honestly think they were raised by wolves. Not sure if they were up from the city for the weekend or what, but they didn’t seem like locals. The girl was on her phone the entire meal checking her Facebook, hated her food (mind you, who orders sauerbraten, braised red cabbage, and mashed potatoes on a 90 degree summer night?!?) and proceeded to pick at the mashed potatoes like an insolent, bratty child. I had to move so she wasn’t in my line of vision since the “eating” consisted of placing small amounts of potatoes on her lips and then taking them into her mouth as if they were poisoned. As John said, THESE are the people leaving bad reviews on Yelp! Which reminded me once again, take reviews with a grain of salt. Sorry for the rant. I was probably just as obnoxious at that age (friends, stop nodding your heads).