The GMAT is today.

We are leaving the house in about 1/2 hour which gives me just enough time to start flipping out. I am prepared. I have studied. I am a good test-taker. I am not trying to get into Harvard, Wharton, or even NYU (which I should have done when I finished undergrad so I wouldn’t be in this predicament now — useless formula memorization does not work as well on a 45-year old brain as on a 22-year one).

So I need to distract myself. And what better way than knitting photos!

Here is the start of my Plucky blanket:


And here is the progress on my Coastal Hoodie. I only have one sleeve done but this give an idea of how it’s coming together.


(John took these from his seated position on the screen porch so I look a bit more gigantic than usual.)

Ok, well… that’s it. We’re leaving. WISH ME LUCK!