Is it weird to get all giddy and excited over yarn? The easy answer would seem to be that knitters go crazy over great yarn and non-knitters think we’re nuts. But having just spent some time with a (long-time) knitter who just doesn’t care where her yarn comes from, what it’s made of, what color it is (for the most part), or how it feels, I have determined it’s just a personal thing. I didn’t care at first either. Or maybe I just didn’t know any better. But now that I know …. well, there’s no going back. Of course, in the case of yarn, you really get what you pay for … and I’ve been paying!

What started all of this? I got this in the mail:


It’s a mini-skein palette from Cephalopod Yarns and not only are the colors and the yarn AMAZING, look at the little box it arrived in. I was oohing and ahhing and petting it, actually carrying on like I received the Hope Diamond in the mail,  and my aforementioned non-fancy yarn companion gave me as much as, “yes, those are nice”. NICE? NICE?!?! Oy.

In more beautiful yarn news, I’m making steady progress on my Rocky Road sweater coat out of Plucky Primo Worsted in Cider Mill. My friend Anne hooked me up with the yarn and we’re having somewhat of a competition to see who can get theirs done first. She’s got a bit of an advantage, aside from starting hers before me — she’s about half my size! I’m actually more in a competition with myself to get this done by Rhinebeck … which give me just shy of a month. Considering it’s going to be the long version, it may be a challenge. At least it’s top-down so there won’t be too much finishing.


Speaking of Plucky Primo Worsted, I’ve also started to make a dent on my first-ever blanket. This has been going on in the background since I couldn’t really get it going in the summer months. Hopefully by Christmas it will be done … don’t the colors just make you smile? It’s the squishiest thing ever. I might become a shut-in because of this blanket.


I’m also soooooo close to finishing another Featherweight cardigan out of Plucky MCN in Golden Gate (stashed since May 2010). As of this blog post, 4,585 people have made this sweater. Unbelievable. It’s a great, easy, wearable cardigan, but one of the most boring knits EVER. My first one was made out of, what I would consider, “in-between yarn”. Not cheap, commercial yarn, but not the stuff I like to knit with now. Even when I was making it I was thinking that I didn’t love the yarn and sure enough, after a few wearings it started to fuzz and pill and just look pretty crappy. I was hoping to have it done before I started anything new but then the realization set in that I didn’t have a new sweater for Rhinebeck (and this would most likely be too light-weight) so it’s still in the WIP pile.


Last but not least on this beautiful Fall morning, Happy Birthday to my husband! And just to prove I’m a good wife, I’m letting him have the first stab at the crossword puzzle.