Rhinebeck was the usual wool-centric orgy. And I loved every minute of it. The weather held out and in fact, was much warmer than was comfortable for most of us dressed in our knitted finery. Although I did see one dude dressed in a lopi sweater hobbling around on a crutch throughout the day, most people ended up in light sweaters or t-shirts and shawls.¬† It was in the low 70s. Phew. My SIL was smart and sent me back into the house for a change of clothes before we hit the road. So I started out in this…. and ended up in this.

I did not go crazy this year. We made the morning semi-mad dash to the Cephalopod Yarns booth which was the former Sanguine Gryphon booth where we stood in line for about 2 hours the first year. I nabbed four skeins of Traveller in “Ferry Bar Park”. Beautiful. I restrained myself.


Next stop was the Moving Mud booth. They are my favorite buttons, bar none. But not only do they¬† have beautiful glass buttons in different shapes, sizes, and colors but they also have the most amazing glass closures — from spirals to sticks to circular closures. I have a acquired quite a collection over the past few years. I’ve used their buttons on my Leaving but mostly I just hoard them because they’re too pretty to use. Again, I restrained myself, gave SIL the earrings that I found and only bought this chain …


Which my idiot dogs knocked off the chair I was using as a photo stand the very next morning so alas, it’s in the mail back to Vermont so it can be fixed. Along with the pin that fell off and broke at Sheep & Wool. How embarrassing.

Next we swung by Jennie the Potter which was a total zoo. I left Mary in line, took her heavy shawl and our bags and went to the car for a costume change and a package dump. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the car. Took a while to get back. Again, how embarrassing.

I think at that point we were ready for our first snack of the day … cider donuts! Yum.

Then off to Spirit Trail Fiberworks and the other many booths set up in the main buildings. Again, nothing but restraint from me! Mary on the other hand. Well.

Then it was time for lunch. Lamb sandwiches … sooooo delicious. Restrain when it comes to yarn and buttons but not to food. Don’t judge me.

Soon thereafter it was time for the second snack of the day. We swung by the knitspot meet-up to visit with friends and eat a big ol’ piece of banana cake with tons of frosting. It was divine. Although a much smaller group than last year it was still nice to see familiar faces and just take a moments to sit and relax. I have no actual pictures from anything that day because my little camera is kaput and my phone takes crap photos. But since I’ve put in my official request for the new iPhone for my birthday, this will hopefully be resolved within the month!

So the day was great, we came home completely worn out and just hunkered down for an evening of knitting and take-out. I’m so lucky to live 15 minutes from the fairgrounds. Maybe next year I’ll rent out rooms! We ended up heading back over on Sunday after visiting the Rhinebeck Farmer’s Market and Montgomery Place Orchards to gather sustenance for the week. Sundays at S&W are just so nice … much more relaxed and laid back then Saturdays. And we had another fabulous day, weather-wise. John joined us but couldn’t bear to wear any of his sweaters, it was too warm for him. I wore this, which was actually the perfect in-between sweater. Out of the sun it got a bit chilly.

No way to segue gracefully so here goes. The politics!

Two more weeks until the election. Which means the phone is ringing a lot, I’m getting hourly emails from Obama and his crew asking me for more money, and of course, John has covered his car in Vote for Obama magnets (which, in the spirit of full disclosure, was actually how I FINALLY found the car at S&W). And then today this arrived:


Hopefully it won’t end up with bullet holes in it. I don’t think a lot of people in this hood are blue.


But with the impending “Frankenstorm” or “Stormageddon” heading our way, I will worry about other things. Like the trees falling on our house.