In no particular order…

Rocky Road ends sewn in, blocked, and buttons sewn on. Photography will have to wait until the man is home.


Farmer’s market (only a couple weeks left!). Might try to stock up on apples and keep them on the screen porch to get us through a month or two.


Batch of granola made.

Banana bread made.

Pizza dough made (although not sure if mixing some ingredients together and letting them sit overnight in a warm-ish room can be considered an accomplishment).


Accounting homework completed.

House cleaned.

Raking and branch removal mostly completed.


New cool hawk discovered on the bird feeder (only an accomplishment so far as I managed to get a picture).


New sign in yard. Yes, a new sign was required since the last one was stolen. See? I told you we didn’t live in a blue ‘hood.

Dogs relaxing in the sun. They’re worn out … they’ve accomplished a lot this weekend.