A quick recap of my Saturday at Vogue Knitting Live NYC.

I was signed up for a 2-part sizing class with Ysolda Teague on Saturday which focused on grading patterns for as many sizes as possible. Even though I didn’t have a computer with me and had not received the spreadsheets via email before class, there was so much useful information that it was completely worth it for. I can’t wait to start plugging all those formulas into excel. Seriously. If you know me at all, you know I’m serious about this. I love excel.

VKL was at the Marriot Marquis this year which was the only reason I even considered signing up. The last (first) one I went to was at the Hyatt and it was terrible. My class was in a hotel room (they had disassembled the bed, pushed it up against the wall, and put it a big table with chairs) which was a.) 100 degrees, and 2.) totally claustrophobic. Again, I had learned a lot but I couldn’t justify the $200 for that environment. At the Marquis we had a nice big meeting room kept at an appropriate temperature. Yay!

Mary came to meet me for lunch but first I had to go find her in the Plucky booth. Where she had been for about an hour. By herself. Needless to say, by the time I arrived, she had a bag STUFFED with cashmere and an armload of other goodies. She was “deciding”, nothing had been purchased yet.

Plucky booth at VKL

Plucky booth at VKL

After some careful consideration and much teasing from the Plucky ladies (I guess since Mary had been there for an hour she had the opportunity to chat up the whole gang), she made her decision. My decision was easy. I bought ALL the bulky oatmeal. Well, I bought almost all of it before lunch, considered my situation over a beer and a pulled pork sandwich at Virgils, and then went BACK to the booth after lunch and bought the remaining skeins.

Plucky Bulky - Oatmeal

Plucky Bulky – Oatmeal

There was nice woman sitting next to me in class and when I came back after lunch with my loot, she looked and fondled, asked me where the booth was, LEFT class to check it out. She came back about 15 minutes later with three skeins of Plucky cashmere discretely stuffed under her arm and the biggest Cheshire cat grin! Good times.