Yesterday was “Take 2” of our lunch and show plans that had been delayed due to the storm a couple of weeks ago. My friend Sue and I headed straight to Ma Peche for lunch — once we realized we could fit in a trip uptown for pork buns before the matinee, there were really no other options! First off, let me say, that we might, just might, have a slight obsession fascination with David Chang and his pork buns. And in my defense, Sue started it. She was the first to visit the Saam Bar pretty soon after it opened and experienced the joy of “steamed bread + tasty meat = good eating” (David Chang’s take on a common Asian formula). Not having a Ma Peche or Saam Bar or other Momofuku outpost in my immediate area is probably a good thing for my backside size but it means it’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed this tasty treat:

Pork Buns


Other lunch highlights (because girls cannot live on pork buns alone), include Brussels sprouts with chipotle, egg and cotija cheese:

Brussels Sprouts


And the beef ramen:

Beef Ramen


I’ve had a hankering for ramen since I’ve beeb watching Chang’s “The Mind of a Chef” on our local PBS channel. It’s a great show — very smart and insightful. If you have a chance to catch it, I highly recommend it. Anyway, Chang spent some time in Tokyo where he developed a great appreciation for ramen and he’s spent a few episodes talking about and visiting various ramen shops in Japan. The best part? Watching (listening) to him eat a bowlful. It’s an impressively noisy affair.

Lastly, we split a piece of crack pie. And brought home a couple compost cookies to share with those less fortunate (not with us at lunch).

Then off to Nice Work If You Can Get It.



These were the replacement seats for the ones I had originally purchased. Not too shabby, eh?

Good Seats!


Anyone who knows me knows I am not a fan of the musical. But I love Matthew Broderick and I’m glad I relented on my general ban of the genre. It helps that I’ve become a fan of the music itself and therefore many of the songs were recognizable but mostly, it was Mr. Broderick that made the show.

Fun fact: Back in the day when I was cater-waitering to make ends meet, I worked Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s wedding. It was in this cool, old church down on the Lower East Side, if I remember correctly and she had on this amazingly beautiful black dress. I loved that wedding because it was so small and intimate and I remember everyone was really nice. And I remember there TONS of stairs in that old place and how many times we had run up and down and up and down. Yeah, I don’t miss that job.

So all in all, a successful day. We had some time to kill before our train home so I hopped into Grand Central Optical to try on some new specs. What do you think?

New Specs