Way back in 2000, about a year after we moved to the Hudson Valley from Brooklyn, we bought a 1945 Cape Cod house on about 4 acres of property. And although the house had great bones and plenty of space, it was really the land that sold us. Like Smart Husband said at the time (while I was standing outside hyperventilating about the hideous kitchen), the house is fixable, but the property … just look at the property! So we bought our first house and slowly (S.L.O.W.L.Y.), we’ve been fixing it up. The biggest issue was the wallpaper. Oh, the wallpaper. Every square inch of this house was covered in it, including closet ceilings. I hate wallpaper. I especially hate floral wallpaper.

This holiday season I decided (please note, when I say “I decided”, I mean “I” decided … aforementioned Smart Husband got dragged into the project kicking and screaming) to take on this little weird added-on room off of the master bedroom and bath. I think at some point it served as an office and then an extra bedroom for the previous owners. We’ve always used it as a dressing room. It’s an awkward room with two sloped ceilings, two windows, and two doors so there is a limited about of usable space. Although I don’t have any full-on before photos, here’s an idea of what we were dealing with.




So after crowbarring the knotty pine beams off the ceiling which resulted in one large hole where the crowbar went THROUGH the ceiling and getting the first layer of wallpaper and in many cases, the top layer of drywall off, we were ready for day two.



Day two was filled with spackle. A lot of spackle. Day three was filled with sanding. A lot of sanding. But the purchase of a  $25 sanding attachment for the shop-vac was worth every penny. One has to look on the bright side.



Day four we primed.



Day five we painted. A new light was purchased and installed (what would I do without Smart Husband?), some new shoe racks were purchased, and a replacement ELFA drawer unit was assembled (managed to do those all by myself). And here’s the result ….



Ahhhhhh …. so much better. I still need something on the wall behind one of the dressers and  some blinds but I would consider this project completed.