In order to slow and down and appreciate every single day of our annual 3 week vacation (staycation due to new puppy in the house) I am going to document one thing each day that made it special. So without further ado, here’s week one:

Day One: Some traditions should not be monkeyed with. Although we had a close call with Rossi’s this year (vacationing during our vacation?!? What the what?!?!) they were miraculously open one last day. Coinciding perfectly with our first day. Egg sandwiches for breakfast to officially ring in the break.



Day Two: A quick trip to NYC. Mom and Torsten were heading out on the Queen Mary for their Germany trip so I saw them off with brunch near their hotel and a stroll through Battery Park. Beautiful day and happy to see my mom.



Day Three: Although most of the rainy, overcast day was spent cleaning,  there was a break in the clouds for Moxie’s first “big girl” hike around Vanderbilt. In hindsight (see Day Seven), this might have not been the best idea.



Day Four: Hiking, knitting, reading, eating, drinking. Ahhhhh…….. Unfortunately I came to the realization that my knitting might need some attention. My Saco Stripes hit the frog pond and I restarted in size more appropriate for one normal sized person (I notice Otis is hiding his face. He might be on the lam.)



Day Five: Took Moxie out for a little fun-time. Stopped at Montgomery Place Orchards for blueberries, sugar plums, and a couple of heirloom tomatoes then we hit Poet’s Walk for a stroll. Lots of other peeps with dogs had the same idea … good socialization time! Puppy kindergarten graduation. Elementary school starts in 2 weeks!



Day Six: We took all three four-legged kids for a swim. Everyone was VERY tired after.



Day Seven: Best laid plans …. I had a Pilates appointment in the morning but had to cancel after I spent the entire night up with an exploding dog. Appears she picked up a parasite, perhaps from drinking from a contaminated water source (see Day Three). Ugh. But we rebounded and enjoyed a nice lunch (with beer!) to round out the week.

IMG_1992 IMG_1993



I can’t believe a week has gone by already. It’s going too fast …