I think my  mother-in-law coined the phrased “whips and jingles” for that feeling you get when you’ve had one too many cups of coffee. You know that feeling? Heart racing, a little sweaty, a little TOO much energy? Yeah, you’ve been there.  Admit it.

And since having too many WIPs gives me the whips (and jingles) I figured I’d share. Spread the joy, so to speak.

Today is the official kick-off of Plucktember, a month dedicated to all things Plucky yarn. So I jumped in again for another sweater project. Last year I completed this guy. This year I’m attempting September Morn in Plucky Primo Worsted (color: Gimlet Haze), a BabyCocktails pattern that I’ve had my eye on for a while. Since it’s top down with little to no finishing I think I can get it done in a month. Focus. Just need to focus.



In order to start/hopefully finish my Plucktember sweater I had to put aside the Saco Stripes linen tank top that became a tunic and is now going to be a dress. Sizing issues. Don’t ask. I swear I swatched. It’s my first time knitting with linen and although most skeins that I’ve touched over the years held no appeal, the Quince & Co. Pigeon yarn is really quite nice and easy to knit with (colors: Pigeon and Birch). I’m being stubborn about this project which generally doesn’t end well. But who knows, maybe it won’t look like a giant striped potato sack when I’m done.



I’ve had this Hitofude in Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Lite (color: Miss Taylor) on the needles for a while. It’s a good small travel project — I can complete a lace repeat on the train to the city — so it’s been coming along for the ride. At this rate it will be done next summer. Unless I spend more time on the train.

DSC_0824 DSC_0825


Another long-standing project is Brooklyn Tweed’s Eternity Cardigan in Plucky Traveler Aran (color: Dancing Queen). This one has taken up residence at work and I get a couple of rows done during conference calls and department meetings. Plus it’s big enough now that it keeps my lap warm. A plus in our arctic conference room.  I don’t have a current WIP photo so you just get some yarn porn instead.



I’ve been working on my own cabled cardigan design and calling it Winterwald. I bought the Plucky Bulky (color: Oatmeal) at Vogue Live in NYC a few years ago with this type of project in mind. Eventually it will have a hood and pockets. I even have buttons for it already from my last Tender Buttons extravaganza.



Elfe doesn’t really count as a WIP since I haven’t officially cast-on. But the pattern and yarn were in my knitting basket so what the hell. These Cephalopod Skinny Bugga yarns (colors: Red Eft and Spanish Danish) are impossible to capture. The reds and oranges are so complex and beautiful. I’ve never knit with Bugga or Skinny Bugga but I can see why people go nuts for them and there’s almost been a mob brawl in their booth at Rhinebeck the past few years. Very sad that they are no more. I’ll treasure my few skeins.



And while I was caking my yarn earlier today I was plotting what I was going to cast-on next. That’s the problem with having the yarn out next to the swift and winder. (And please, no comments on the ugly wallpaper. It’s the last room in the house that needs to get un-wallpapered. I’m working on it, people.)