Spring is here, that is. And it was a looooooooong wait this year. I don’t remember a colder, longer, less pleasant winter in a long time. I’d almost come to terms with annual 3-4 months of cold, snow, and grey (a working fireplace helps!) but this year I was ready to pack my bags and move to warmer climes. Anyway, it’s done and now we are enjoying all the lovely things spring has to offer: flowers peaking their heads out of the ground, warm enough temps for going top-down in the convertible, hiking with the pups without fear of slipping on ice, sitting on the screen porch with an adult-style beverage, and of course, Spring knitting.



I’m trying to decide between these two projects for my first Spring project. I’ll end up doing both but I think the other one will come along with me on our trip to Ireland this summer since I prefer single color, smaller yarn, and not too complicated knitting for plane rides. Either True Friend in this or this yarn (I’m doing a single color version) or Serenity in this.

I am just finishing this (pictures to follow once it’s blocked) in grey so I may go with the True Friend option in one of the colors just to switch it up color-wise. It’s Spring after all …

Moxie, our puppy, just had her one year birthday. Unfortunately, she’s still as crazy as she was the day we got her. I need to help her use all of that energy for good, instead of evil. I am putting this in writing, lest I forget: NO MORE PUPPIES. Ever. I mean it this time. But she’s cute so here you go:

IMG_3625 IMG_1535 IMG_1766 IMG_1880 DSC_0818


I recently read this blog post on Thea’s Babycocktails site and realized how much Instagramming I’ve doing versus how little blogging. Granted I’ve never been a super-active blogger but jeez, a couple of times a month wouldn’t kill me! And even if no one reads it, which is pretty much the case, I enjoy doing it and it’s fun to go back and read through old posts to see what I was up to a year ago or whenever. I was never a good diary-keeper as a youngster either but that’s probably because I was paranoid (and rightly so) that my mom would be snooping through my stuff.  Now, of course, personal business-sharing is the norm — I have to advise some of the kids that work for me that future employers do actually look up prospective hires (yes, even us old folks know how to use the interwebz) and that sharing every emotion and feeling on Facebook is probably not going to help them find a job. But I digress …

I hope everyone is enjoying their Spring, wherever that may be. If you’re looking for me — I’ll be outside.